The New Website

This is what I've been working on for the past month or so...


It was a fun and arduous task to design and build something simple. Every time I redesign and rebuild my site, I always want to make something I can be proud of. I wanted to make something that said something about me and my views on design. I wanted a clean break; behind all this is wanting to start all over again, wanting something simpler than what I had before.

I stared with how I identify with my site, my “brand,” and thought about how it feels to be me and to do the many different things that I do. The site is divided into four parts: first the landing page, and three blogs (photo blog, projects blog, and personal blog). I designed for the two real aspects of the site.Trying my best to unify and simplify them.

When it comes to the brand identity, its not fully formed. I don't really have any idea where this kind of creativity would lead me, but its part of my job. Doing things like this, doing things for myself help me create better for the company I work for. I design user interfaces there that are unlike this. They tend to have more complexity, that I'm trying my best to simplify with great UI experiences.


With work like that, there's just... A lot. A lot of thinking, drawing, designing, rendering, and designing; measure once, research use, measure twice, research again, think think think, study, coffee, bathroom, and repeat.

When I come home, I'm constantly thinking of other things to work on, projects or things to make, portraits to draw, portraits to take, my website to design. This redesign is a product of that longing to create.

Under the Hood

None of this would not be possible without Google. The landing page is built on the Google App Engine and the blogs are built on top of Blogger with a template built from scratch. The concept is about freedom. Google empowered me to create. So, thanks Google.

Among the other things:

This is it for now. I'm thinking of releasing the framework for this blog theme as something that other people can use. That would be really cool. Right?

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