The Portfolio Project

I'm currently working on gathering a body of work that I've done with my hands. A body of work that would most likely consist of photography and maybe a few sketches that I've done in the past. Its a work in progress and I've sandboxed the work in

Screenshot of Portfolio in Progress

Building most everything from scratch has brought me to discover certain challenges that comes with designing an interface that is intuitive and hopefully does not take away from the experience of the art itself. I want to create a framework that helps the artist showcase their work without disruption. I'm still in the early stages of development of a simple way of presenting this. I have a small set of requirements so far:

  • Has to be intuitive to navigate
  • Should not distract viewer from work at hand
  • Should be a seemless and intuitive experience on various devices
  • The framework must be extensible to various content management systems including blogging applications

This is a long overdue project I'm glad to have started undertaking. I'll be updating the site, changing things and continuing to prototype a possible open source framework for visual artist who would want to showcase their work in the same way.

I'm excited, and if you're reading this and interested in collaborating (mostly with code implementation) let me know.