Flickr Free Icon Design

Flickr Free Icon

Flickr Free is a free open-source Flickr client for Android devices. The app's icon seemed lacking to me. I didn't feel like it fully express what the app was capable of. I couldn't help but be inspired to re-design the icon, moreover, actually have this application on one of my phone's home screen. So I did it, I re-designed the icon based on Android Icon Design Guidelines and rendered different sizes of it for varying screen densities. Since October 25th, it's been commited in the product.

You can download the app within the Android Market or through the Flickr Free project page.

Special thanks to rstewart the man behind Flickr Free for considering and implementing the icon design. Phone displayed is the Google Nexus One by HTC running Android 2.2.1. For more information visit the Flickr Free home page.

Morning Portraits in the Mountains and Donuts


A long time ago, my friends and I went up the mountain to just hang out. The air was crisp with the fragrance of the pine trees that surrounded us, the sky was partly cloudy and there was a gentle breeze. We spent some time up there and drove down to get some donuts.

I love impromptu portraits, I love the sincerity of who people are as they look at the camera, unprepared for it.



Matt has a photoblog.







Jacque is a photographer and she also has a website.

The Way the Light Cascaded Through the Leaves

The Way the Light Cascaded Through the Leaves

I took this picture last year during my church's fall retreat. I could just remember the way the light cascaded through the leaves.


Fall has always been a beautiful experience for me. I can truly see and attribute such beauty to God. I could never capture the pure color of what I had seen that day, while processing the photos, I could imagine myself leaning and editing toward a bias of my ideals and how I perceived that day.

Upcoming Projects and Ideas

There's so many things I want to do with these projects, but I know if I spread myself out too much in these thoughts and ideas, I may not be able to continue doing these projects. So I'll be praying and tackling the many things I want to do, one at a time.

I know most of the projects that I've posted so far are that of photography. This is because photography is currently the only area I have organized enough to be able to display here. I'm still in the process of compiling illustrations, and designs from years past to show here.

Here's a fine list of things I want to add to my projects:

  • UI
    • Liferay Design Rational
    • Site Design Iteration
    • Design Commentary
  • Illustration
    • Old Illustrations
    • New Illustrations
    • Icons
  • Promotional
    • Self Promotional
    • Client Promotional
  • Art
    • Paintings
    • Drawings
    • Crafts
  • Photography
    • Engagement Photos
    • Portrait Photos
    • Events

So, these are the kinds of projects I want to share and develop throughout the year, to foster and grow my skills and serve people. Thanks to those who've visited the website the past few days it's been open. I'm working on better designs and creating a workflow and plans to further develop this site.

Please feel free to ask me any questions here on this post or by emailing me at (my name)

William Bishop Senior Photos


I took some senior graduation pictures for my buddy Will.

William William William

These last two photographs were from hanging out in 2008.

Will Bishop IMG_4019

Quick Headshots at the Office


My friend and co-worker is auditioning for community theater, he asked me if I could take quick headshots for him at the office


Emily's Graduation Photos


This is Emily. She is, for many reasons, beautiful. I took a series of portraits for her graduation.


She and I

On this last shot, I set the camera on timer, and I ran to her.

Byron's Senior Recital Photos


These are a few photos from a photoshoot I did for my good friend Byron Tomes. He was in need of photos for his senior recital and so, he asked me if I would be willing to take photos of him. Long story short, we hung out with Lauren, and took a bunch of photos. I did some post production work with the shots, and Lauren did some final typography.

Byron Byron's Senior Recital Photos

This was my first photoshoot and I'm really glad I did it with a friend.


The final product was posters and postcards... this project was really all about Byron. He's such an amazing guitarist.

Final Composition

The final composition... see it with the typography at Lauren's Blog

One of my First Shots


I want to start things off with one of the first photos I've ever taken with a 35mm film camera. My first camera was a Canon Canonet QL17 I purchased from a 1hr photo place in Fullerton for around $40. You're probably wondering... "$40, for that?!" Well... at the time (2007), I didn't quite know what I was getting into with photography. I thought of it as a hobby I could just pick up, and my rational for getting this $40 grandapa for a camera was that I wanted to learn how to shoot carefully and learn photography with a more unforgiving device. At the time, to heed myself from spending too much money, I swore off anything digital, and I decided to purely shoot with film. This continued on for another year and a half before I bought my first digital SLR, which I still own and use today. This post is a bit sentimental (as I'm imagining, many of the future post might be this way).

Subject is Alain, my brother. He's in his old room playing a video game. I remember a time when my brother and I would just sit and he would play games as I acted as a spectator player... I would watch him play his games and cheer him on and suggest how to play the games. I'm really glad he was so patient with me. I always remembered that those times were fun, moreover in the conversations I had with him at those times.

Well, as it turns out, photography became something I wasn't just interested in, it was something I breathed. As I was playing around and experimenting with my aperture and shutterspeed, I began to understand what those things meant. I'm really glad that I was priveledged enough to have such an amazing experience with that camera.