Chrome OS on CR-48, Pilot Program

Google CR-48

I feel like I've got a golden ticket, and somehow I'm magically transported into the wonderful world of Google. As I was leaving home for work, a delivery man comes up to my car window and startles me. He says, "I have a package for you." Which I realize is very similar to what the delivery man in Back to the Future, and I felt something like Marty. I didn't order anything online, nor did I order anything from Amazon... then I thought to myself, "could this be possible?" So I partially opened the box right there, lo and behold...

The Google CR-48, in my hands. I partially opened the box in the car I couldn't contain my excitement as I drove quickly to work to complete the unboxing.

Google CR-48 Google CR-48 Google CR-48 Google CR-48

So, I'll be in the pilot program for Google, I'll double check to find out about any NDA before I start posting about the netbook here.

Anyways, back to work at Liferay.

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