Day 2 With the Chrome OS CR-48

So on my second day with the Chrome OS, I've been missing a few features from a regular desktop configuration, like being able to see the wallpaper; although there are themes, I really like being able to see, some form of personal area. It would make the browser feel more like "home."So far, from the past two days, I've been blogging from the CR-48 and the keyboard is great! I think it would be a great benefit for usability to add have a back lit keyboard. I had some issues trying to type in the back of my friend's car.

I love the fact that I was able to blog, check traffic on Google maps, see Facebook, and check my email. I mean these are things I can do from my phone but the experience is very different. I had a fully immersive web experience from my friend's car. I haven't used the available free 100mb (bandwidth) from Verizon yet. I was just tethering from my Google Nexus One.

So, right now, you're reading a post from the CR-48 typed out in the freezing Ice Palace Ice in Yorba Linda. This is an ice skating rink...

At the Ice Palace in Yorba Linda CA

My fingers are freezing... I can really barely type. But just to test how portable and practical this thing is, I brought it. To watch my friends play ice broom ball. Oh, and that photo was taken, pre-game... while people were still playing hockey.

I was able to download the photo through my Gmail account, and then upload it using Flickr's Flash based file uploader. To my surprise, I saw this:

Chrome OS File Browser

Which is obviously a Linux based file browser ui. So there's definitely a file browser! With this, I should be able to do many other tasks later on... maybe even changing out my login photo... hmm... Anyway, here's some video footage of the game:

Taken with the Nexus One

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