Flickr Free Icon Design

Flickr Free Icon

Flickr Free is a free open-source Flickr client for Android devices. The app's icon seemed lacking to me. I didn't feel like it fully express what the app was capable of. I couldn't help but be inspired to re-design the icon, moreover, actually have this application on one of my phone's home screen. So I did it, I re-designed the icon based on Android Icon Design Guidelines and rendered different sizes of it for varying screen densities. Since October 25th, it's been commited in the product.

You can download the app within the Android Market or through the Flickr Free project page.

Special thanks to rstewart the man behind Flickr Free for considering and implementing the icon design. Phone displayed is the Google Nexus One by HTC running Android 2.2.1. For more information visit the Flickr Free home page.

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