Sketch Project Week 1: Trying

So the first week fo this project came and went. I felt that fear as I was sketching. I came to a point in my first sketch where I gave up on myself and just started doing. Just sketching... sketching. I don't think like it came out like anything good. I was looking at my friend and drawing him at the perspective I was looking at Brandon. In my second sketch with Chanelle, I got a little more comfortable, but then again, the angle to which I was looking at her was slightly skewed. But as I sketched along, I got a bit more comfortable with not being perfect... and just doing. It felt good.


From Left to right, Channelle and Brandon.

I also realized that as I was sketching, I was deciding on starting from different points in the lines I was looking at. With brandon, I started with his left eye, and with Chanelle, I started sketching from her hair. If you look at the sketches and skew them quite a bit... It would probably make for a better portrait.

The last two sketches from that evening, were of Jason and Jessica. I felt slightly comfortable with making the wrong strokes with Jason's lines... it ended up looking disproportionate from reality... and I guess I'm okay with that. Jessica's image was rendered with full line gestures throughout. Letting my pencil lightly touch the paper as I went along with each line.


Her image came out the most accurate of the first four sketches I've done. I'm glad.

The next day, I decided to force myself to sketch again with some color, and also sketch some strangers at a nearby coffee shop that I used to frequent. The results are quite different but the feeling was the same. I started from right to left, the figure in the middle is Jared.


The Sketch Project started with this post and the Manifesto is here.

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